Paper in ACM IUI15: “Inferring Meal Eating Activities in Real World Settings from Ambient Sounds: A Feasibility Study”

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Paper [bibtex file=IrfanEssaWS.bib key=2015-Thomaz-IMEARWSFASFS] Abstract Dietary self-monitoring has been shown to be an effective method for weight-loss, but it remains an onerous task despite recent advances in food journaling systems. Semi-automated food journaling ... Read more..

Paper in M2CAI 2014: “Video Based Assessment of OSATS Using Sequential Motion Textures”

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Paper [bibtex file=IrfanEssaWS.bib key=2014-Sharma-VBAOUSMT] Abstract A fully automated framework for video-based surgical skill assessment is presented that incorporates the sequential and qualitative aspects of surgical motion in a data-driven manner. The Objective Structured ... Read more..

Paper in ECCV Workshop 2012: “Weakly Supervised Learning of Object Segmentations from Web-Scale Videos”

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Weakly Supervised Learning of Object Segmentations from Web-Scale Videos [bibtex file=IrfanEssaWS.bib key=2012-Hartmann-WSLOSFWV] Abstract We propose to learn pixel-level segmentations of objects from weakly labeled (tagged) internet videos. Speci cally, given a large collection of ... Read more..

Paper in IEEE ICCP 2012: “Calibration-Free Rolling Shutter Removal”

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Calibration-Free Rolling Shutter Removal [bibtex file=IrfanEssaWS.bib key=2012-Grundmann-CRSR] Abstract We present a novel algorithm for efficient removal of rolling shutter distortions in uncalibrated streaming videos. Our proposed method is calibration free as it does ... Read more..

Award (2012): Best Computer Vision Paper Award by Google Research

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Our following paper was just awarded the Excellent Paper for 2011 in Computer Vision by Google Research. [bibtex file=IrfanEssaWS.bib key=2011-Grundmann-AVSWROCP] Casually shot videos captured by handheld or mobile cameras suffer from significant ... Read more..