INTERESTING: “Deep Throat Meets Data Mining”

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"Deep Throat Meets Data Mining" by JOHN MECKLIN Dec 23, 2008 in Miller-McCune "If you pay passing attention to the media landscape, you know that most mainstream news outlets have had their business models ... Read more..

Paper: ICPR (2008) “3D Shape Context and Distance Transform for Action Recognition”

Monday, December 8th, 2008 Posted in Activity Recognition, Aware Home, Face and Gesture, Franzi Meier, Matthias Grundmann, PAMI/ICCV/CVPR/ECCV, Papers | 1 Comment »

M. Grundmann, F. Meier, and I. Essa (2008) "3D Shape Context and Distance Transform for Action Recognition", In Proceedings of International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR) 2008, Tampa, FL. [Project ... Read more..

Disney Research, Pittsburgh

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This academic year, I am spending some time working with the newly formed Disney Research, Pittsburgh, (Directed by Jessica Hodgins) formed next to CMU.  The press release is announcing this ... Read more..

Paper: ACM Multimedia (2008) “Audio Puzzler: Piecing Together Time-Stamped Speech Transcripts with a Puzzle Game”

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N. Diakopoulos, K. Luther, I. Essa (2008), "Audio Puzzler: Piecing Together Time-Stamped Speech Transcripts with a Puzzle Game." In Proceedings of  ACM International Conference on Multimedia 2008. Vancouver, BC, CANANDA ... Read more..

Research: Videolyzer (Online DEMO, try it out!)

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An Online DEMO of Videolyzer, a project by my PhD Student, Nick Diakopolous. Videolyzer is a tool designed to help journalists and bloggers collect, organize, and present information about the quality ... Read more..