My research has benefited from working with some amazing list of collaborators. Some are listed here. Following the link from their names shows what they have done with me.  As appropriate, I have added the link to their most recent website and as much as I can remember to update, where they are. You can also see a list of my Ph.D. students and my academic genealogy at the Math Geneology Project site.

Current Team

PhD Students

  1. Unaiza Ahsan [website], Ph. D. Candidate in Computer Science, (2012-Present).
  2. Huda Almari [website], Ph. D. Candidate in CS (2015-Present).
  3. Shray Bansal [website, LinkedIn], Ph. D. Candidate in Computer Science, (2014-Present).
  4. Daniel Castro [website, LinkedIn], Ph. D. Candidate in CS, (2013-Present).
  5. Steven Hickson [website, LinkedIn], Ph. D. Candidate in CS (2014-Present) [Co-Advised with Henrik Christensen].
  6. Aneeeq Zia [website, LinkedIn], Ph. D. Candidate in ECE, (2015-Present) [Co-Advised with Mark Clements]


BS (Only those Active in Research with me!)

  • Christopher Polack [LinkedIn], BS CS (2015-Present). [Co-Advised with Julia Deeb].
  • Shaohui (Steven) Xu [website], BS CS (2015-Present). [Co-Advised with Daniel Castro]


This list is only those who had some publications with me and were recently working with me. Will add others soon.

Visiting Scientists

Post-Doc/Research Scientists

Ph. D. [Official Advisor] (chronologically).

  1. Darnell Moore [website] Ph. D. in ECE 2000, (advised with Monson Hayes III).
  2. Arno Schödl [website] Ph. D. in CS 2003.
  3. Antonio Haro [website] Ph. D. in CS 2003.
  4. Gabriel Brostow [website] Ph. D. in CS 2004.
  5. Drew Steedly [website] Ph. CS 2004.
  6. Vivek Kwatra [website] Ph. CS 2005, (advised with Aaron Bobick).
  7. Robert Mitch Parry [website] Ph. CS 2007.
  8. David Minnen [website] Ph. CS 2007, (advised with Thad Starner).
  9. Nick Diakopoulos [website] Ph. D. in CS, 2009.
  10. Pei Yin [website] Ph. D. in CS 2010, (advised with Thad Starner)
  11. Kihwan Kim [website] Ph. D in CS,  (2012).
  12. Matthias Grundmann, [website, Google Scholar] Ph. D. in CS 2013.
  13. Yachna Sharma, [LinkedIn] Ph. D. in ECE (2014).
  14. Syed Hussain Raza, [website] Ph. D.  in ECE (2014).
  15. Edison Thomaz [website] Ph. D. in HCC, (2016) [Co-Advised with Gregory Abowd].
  16. Vinay Bettadapura [website, LinkedIn], Ph. D. in CS, (2016).

Ph. D. [informally advised] (chronologically).

  1. Yifan Shi [website] Ph. CS 2007, (informally c0-advised with Aaron Bobick).
  2. Raffay Hamid [website]  Ph. D. in CS 2008, (informally co-advised with Aaron Bobick).
  3. Zahoor Zafrulla, [website, Google Scholar] Ph. D. in CS 2014 (informally co-advised with Thad Starner).

M.S (a select few, in chronological order)

  1. David Cunningham [] MS in CS 2002.
  2. Yan Huang [] MS in CS 2005.
  3. Nipun Kwatra [website] MS in CS 2006.
  4. Siddhartha Maddi [website] MS in CS 2007.
  5. Franzi Meier [website] MS in CS 2009.
  6. Amha Mogus [LinkedIn], MS in HCI 2010.
  7. Justin Ratcliffe [website] MS in HCI 2011.
  8. Radford Parker [website] MS in EE, 2012.
  9. Chris McClanahan [website] MS in CS, 2012.
  10. Jing Wang, [] MS in CS, 2013  [Co-Advised with Grant Schindler]
  11. Kevin Hampton [website] MS in CS 2013.
  12. Denis Aleshin, [website] M.S in CS 2013.
  13. David Stutz [website] MS Visiting Student from RWTH Aachen University (2015).
  14. Sonal Mahendru [website], MS CS (2015).
  15. Gokul Raghuraman [website, LinkedIn], MS CS  (2015).
  16. Isabel Lupiani [LinkedIn], MS CS (Online) (2015-2016).
  17. Mansi Rankawat [LinkedIn], MS CS (2015-2016).

B.S (just a select few …)

  • Joy Buolamwini [website] BS in CS 2012
  • Ryan Carlin BC in CS and Math 2011 [Co-Advised with Grant Schindler]
  • Benjamin Dines, BS in CS.
  • Ryan Gomba [LinkedIn]  [Co-Advised with Grant Schindler], BS in CS 2012.
  • James Hays [website], BS in CS, 2004.
  • Mebaa Kidane [Co-Advised with Grant Schindler], BS in CS 2012.
  • Gaurav Mathur [website], BS in CS, 2011.
  • Roberto Peon, BS in CS
  • Spencer Reynolds [LinkedIn], BS in ECE 2002.
  • Vikram Jain [Co-Advised with Daniel Castro], 2014.
  • Michael Maurer [Co-Advised with Daniel Castro], 2014.
  • Alexander Neal [Co-Advised with Daniel Castro], 2014.
  • Sam Skinner [Co-Advised with Daniel Castro], 2014.
  • Patrick Violette [Co-Advised with Daniel Castro], 2014.
  • Amit Agarwal [website], BS ME (2015-Present). [Co-Advised with Daniel Castro].

Some Recent Collaborators