Paper: ACM SIGGRAPH (2000) “Video textures”

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  • A. Schödl, R. Szeliski, D. H. Salesin, and I. Essa (2000), “Video textures,” in ACM SIGGRAPH Proceedings of Annual Conference on Computer graphics and interactive techniques, New York, NY, USA, 2000, pp. 489-498. [BIBTEX]
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Still Image of a VideoTexture of 4 Fish, Plants, and Bubbles in a Fish Tank

This paper introduces a new type of medium, called a video texture, which has qualities somewhere between those of a photograph and a video. A video texture provides a continuous infinitely varying stream of images. While the individual frames of a video texture may be repeated from time to time, the video sequence as a whole is never repeated exactly. Video textures can be used in place of digital photos to infuse a static image with dynamic qualities and explicit actions. We present techniques for analyzing a video clip to extract its structure, and for synthesizing a new, similar looking video of arbitrary length. We combine video textures with view morphing techniques to obtain 3D video textures. We also introduce video-based animation, in which the synthesis of video textures can be guided by a user through high-level interactive controls. Applications of video textures and their extensions include the display of dynamic scenes on web pages, the creation of dynamic backdrops for special effects and games, and the interactive control of video-based animation.

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