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AT IWCV 2012: “Videos Understanding: Extracting Content and Context from Video.”

Thursday, May 24th, 2012 Posted in Activity Recognition, Computational Photography and Video, Presentations, Visual Surviellance | No Comments »

Videos Understanding: Extracting Content and Context from Video. (Presentation at the International Workshop on Computer Vision 2012, Ortigia, Siracusa, Sicily, May 22-24, 2012.) Irfan Essa GEORGIA Tech Abstract In this talk, I will describe various efforts ... Read more..

Video Stabilization on YouTube

Sunday, May 6th, 2012 Posted in Computational Photography and Video, Google, In The News, Matthias Grundmann, Vivek Kwatra | No Comments »

Here is an excerpt from a Google Research Blog on our Video Stabilization on YouTube.  Now even more improved. One thing we have been working on within Research at Google is ... Read more..