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Event: SIGGRAPH PC Meeting at GA Tech 2008

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ACM SIGGRAPH 2008 Paper’s Committee Meeting was held at GA Tech in Atlanta, March 29-30, under the leadership of Greg Turk. Following is a picture of all of us at ... Read more..

Funding: NSF (2008) “Symposium on Computation and Journalism”

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Award#0813831 - Symposium on Computation and Journalism ABSTRACT Fundamentally, journalism is aimed at collecting news information and disseminating that information with a layer of contextualization and understanding provided by journalists. Recent advances ... Read more..

Personal: Creative Use of Computational Photography and Journalism

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Irfan's Office Hacked My students decided to play a very nice joke on me. This morning I walked in to find my office open (and it was not!) check out ... Read more..